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Re: kamae problem

Hugh Beyer wrote: View Post
Anybody got opinions about where to go to find more reliable translations of O-Sensei's stuff?
I think you will find that Prof Stevens has pretty well cornered the market. Apart from translations made by Stan Pranin for Aiki News / Aikido Journal, and the Bieris for the bilingual edition of Budo Renshu, there is nothing else (in English, that is: there might well be translations in French and German).

Thus, if there are any who are dissatisfied with the translations of Prof Stevens, they have little choice but to do the spadework themselves and make their own, as I believe your own teacher has done, and as I have done for my own Aikiweb columns.

Anyway, the Japanese text of the passage quoted by Joe Curran in an earlier post (#52) has never been published. So, in accordance with Chris Li's suggestion in Post #55, here is the text, transcribed exactly as it appears on Page 9 of the 『武道 』 manual (the only difference being that my computer's dictionary, and Jun's too, does not include the older ways of writing some Chinese characters):

第二 準 備 動 作








The translation by Prof Stevens appears on p. 39, as Mr Curran has stated, but I am surprised that no one has mentioned the commentary on the Budo manual published by Stan Pranin. The discussion of the Japanese text quoted above occurs on pp. 34 and 35 and includes another photograph of Morihei Ueshiba.

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