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Re: kamae problem

Joe Curran wrote: View Post
Dear Szczepan,
Maybe you should look closer?Anyway on the question of Kamae in the book Budo -teachings of the Founder of Aikido[Kodansha Press] on page39 on the question of Stance under notes. I quote. "During practice be ever mindful of your opponents stance and his relative distance:Assume accordingly a left or right stance.When the movement ends , it is essential that your feet should always be open at a 60 degree angle.If you face your opponents full of openings you will be at a great disadvantage.'' Un quote.
There are more comments on posture on this page39. Hope this helps, Cheers, Joe.
By the way I am a Scotsman , so I never tell English jokes!!
Cheers, Joe.
The translation is, IMO, not quite right in some ways - incomplete in others. I would recommend that you go back and check the original Japanese if you're really interested in what the Founder said and meant.



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