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Re: What is IT?

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In its most basic form it is seen in tai no henko (done properly) and in tenchinage. Two minutes. But then, I can teach you the rules of Go in two minutes, too, but I would not put money on it at that point...
I already know the rules of go, so that gives us four minutes.

Better, let me tell you, you try and see if it makes sense, then do tai no henko the same way, on your own.<explanation snipped>
I'm at work now, I'll save that for when I get home.

Think of it more in terms of creating propagating structural failure -- not power. If you have concern about structural failure lacking necessary power -- stand in a building undergoing controlled demolition.
This would imply that shear cannot be used to execute a no-inch punch, which means you're talking about a different 'IT' than I am. Or would you say that the difference between an 'external' and an 'internal' punch lies in the fact that the 'internal' one propagates structural failure? If so, how do you explain that it's possible to demonstrate the difference between these two punches on a punching bag?
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