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Re: Aikido Separatism / Fundamentalism?


I am in meetings on/developing virtual learning tools including displaying maths on the web --openmath and mathml -- as well as at a conference on the foundation of quantum physics. I've just realise just how little I know... I'm as well recovering for surgery on my jaw with the seven stitches coming out in a few hours.

First time I had a chance to log on here in a week!

BTW, I agree we need an English spell checker here!!!

The way I've learnt breakfalls (forward ones and backwards ones) are from Judo and they have stuck. So, I do truck in my leg in the forward one but never in the backwards one. I aim at becoming like Martin (from Edinburgh) who just glances on the mat and is back up no matter how hard one throws him. *grins evilly*

The people who understand, understand prefectly. York Shodokan Aikido
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