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Re: Reconcile the world

Great comment Mary, lots to unpack there. And you're right about discomfort - in budo we forge our minds and bodies in the fires of our will. There will be pain. Balance and reconciliation should not be the same as anesthesia or apathy, nor tolerance for the intolerable.

More blood spilt by terrorists this week in Nice, and the KKK are handing out fliers in Florida.

In my experience, online discussions about martial effectiveness and aikido will have at least one someone say they are more interested in the art of peace, or making peace, or avoiding conflict, or self-improvement.

Aikido is indeed fractured and there is little consensus on how to do virtually anything technical or tangible. Morihei Ueshiba was a spiritual man advocating peace, and so was his son. That part of aikido legacy is usually agreed upon.

I've had students equate O Sensei and Ghandi, for all I told them not to. I have fellow students say their veganism/vegetarianism/organic gardening, etc is related to their understanding of aikido philosophy and ethics; their understanding of the Art of Peace. I have fellow students in my dojo who have joined protestors but relatively few.
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