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Re: What enlightened beings were known as GREAT martial artists

Chris Parkerson wrote: View Post
Thank you.
Though I do wonder if siddharta fit the criteria above. Did he continue to train in martial skills until he died?

I intentionally left Arjuna out because in an earlier post, when I mentioned him, I felt some folks doubted he was an historical figure. I believe he was. But I cannot prove it.

Mohammed and Salahudin would be great additions to my earlier list of candidates.


True, Buddha might not fit those criteria. Does Takuan Soho?

I was not aware about you mentioning Arjuna in another thread. But I am aware of the discussions by some historians whether he was a historical figure. The arguments they use are similar to the discussions on whether Buddha, Jezus, Cuchulain, Arthur Pendragon (to name just a few) where historical figures or not.

But I would still consider them worthy names to add to your list.


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