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Re: What enlightened beings were known as GREAT martial artists

Chris Parkerson wrote: View Post

Would Ta Mo (bodhidarma) count? Perhaps the ascended masters of Wuwei mountain? How about Fun Do Duk, Bak Mei, Jee Shin Shim Shee, Mew Hing and Ng Moi who survived the destruction of the Fukien Shaolin Temple? Perhaps in Japan would you consider Takuan? Perhaps the Monks who developed Sorinji Ryu? Perhaps Cuchulain of Celtic fame? Perhaps Joshua, David or Sampson of Hebrew fame? nimrod? Little monk Nupchen in Tibet? Black Elk and Crazy Horse of the Lakota? How about Quanah Parker of the Cherokee?

I do not know much about Oomote-kyo. But wasn't Onisaburo Deguchi a shamanic figure? Did Ueshiba take up a shamanic practice as well as a theology of universal love? Again, I have not studied Aikido's founder that thoroughly, preferring mainly to practice the movements. But in my reading, it seems that Ueshiba had a major mystical or shamanic conversion that transcended
doing waza and internal nei gung practices.

I certainly look forward to hearing from some of the experts on this matter.


Not to forget Siddharta Gautama himself, who as a prince was taught martial arts from a young age. And perhaps the best example; Arjuna in the Mahabharata.
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