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What enlightened beings were known as GREAT martial artists

Today it is seeming that there is these discussions about building the body to be greatest Aiki body. However the Aikido is known as a spiritual art leading to enlightenment. O Sensei talking about the chinkon kishin, and the purifying with the misogi. More that Aikido is Misogi.

When I think of the Buddha or Jesus, Gandhi and the other great spiritual leaders, I don't see the great martial artists brandishing great aiki body. When I think of all the great martial artists of the aiki body, who can we say is the leader of a spiritual art. I only know the O sensei. Was there others, too?

So question really becomes

Can it be that the perfecting of great waza is mere but a ruse, a stepping stone to the abandonment of waza altogether as a method of spiritual enlightenment? Didn't there be many great masters that decide, "well now it is time for the mastering the Cha-do, Ikebana-do and Shodo?

is anyone on the aikiweb thinking like this way, too?
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