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Re: Kotegaeshi: hand or wrist?

Hanna Björk wrote: View Post
In aikido, I was taught to hold the very wrist when performning kotegaeshi.
In another art, I have been taught to just hold the hand - not the wrist, ...
When I began to learn aikido I was told to hold the hand. No other way of kote gaeshi. Placing the thumb on the back of the hand of uke. Ever.
When I had to change the dojo, they never did this there. They grabbed the wrist of uke and I was completely baffled.

What aspects - if any - of kotegaeshi is better performed holding the wrist, compared with just the hand?
My understanding of this:
Two different ways to "construct" this technique. Dealing more with the joint (holding the hand) or trying more to get connected to the whole body (holding the wrist). The direction of twisting the hand differs. The way of kuzushi is different. Just a different "picture" of kote gaeshi.

Both forms need kuzushi (at least in aikido). Both forms can cause a whole lot of pain (if tori wants this to do). Both forms can safely guide uke or break his wrist. Tori decides.

Would the standard aikido way of performing kotegaeshi as a throw, with uke taking high falls, be possible holding the hand not the wrist?
Yes it devinitely is. And is performed exactly this way as kihon waza in one of the "big lines" of aikido here in Germany.
(I am not used to this and don't like to fall this way ...)

Is holding the wrist instead of the hand a safety measure?
I am used to this form of kote gaeshi, like to throw it and have nearly no difficulties to fall it.
In the dojo of the other 2line of aikido" they call this way a "killing technique".

Kote means "wrist", for sure. But even if you hold the hand, it is the wrist that is twisted - actually, even more so.[/quote]
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