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Re: Practicing perceiving other energy?

I will never understand why people have to say something is "bullsh**. Just because you have not experienced it or don't believe in it does not make it false right off the bat. I personally don't believe in everything someone tells me or demonstrates, but that doesn't mean it is crap. If something works for someone else good for them. I'm not going to be purposefully insulting because I don't agree. Perhaps I lack the experience to feel what they feel or maybe my lack of openness is getting in the way as well. Saying that something isn't for me and
My suggestion is that you were the only one there not bullshitting himself.
is quite different. I guess my rambling point is why can't we respect each other here? Why must we resort to being insulting when we don't agree with a certain style or training method? Why not just try to be respectfully in your opposition.
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