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Mike Fugate
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Do symbol Re: who'd you go back in time to train with?

Wow, what a question. If lets say time travel were possible, which myself I still believe it is simply a hypothesis and a theory regardless of what whomever may say,,,Hypotheticaly speaking of course and Butterfly Theory free,,,,I would with out a question train with the Shaolin Monks. The Real Shaolin Temple of old, not the one the stands today. To me training in a place such as O-mei Shan Temple must have been so beautiful and absolutley enlightening. It was truly the melting pot of the Shaolin Kung Fu and Oriental practices....With everything from Taoist, Buddhist, Confucist, Medicinal, and Fighting arts melted into such a place one can only wonder of what wonders existed there. The O-Mei system was made up of over 300 diff. styles made into one.... Such a shame that treasures like these are lost due to the ignorance of mankind

"When you cease to strive to understand, then you will know without understanding." -- Caine
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