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Re: Rank-Aikido (pun intended)

Devon Natario wrote:
Im with David Valdez. Rank Aikido happens, and it happens all too often.

I wouldnt particularly give it that name, but it's definately false training. I know many people take things personally when something is said about their art, but this "Rank Aikido" is exactly why I quit training in Aikido. The art is great and offers great things, but I can not say it is "Martial" by any means.

I find Aikido to be more appealing to the older crowds that are seeking a softer style of martial arts minus the martial. Again, no offense
So let me get this straight:

Aikido is a martial art... minus the martial aspect of it, it's great for "older" people because it is "soft", it's false training, you no longer practice aikido... but you come here to an Aikido Forum and tell us these things and then ask us to NOT be offended?

Guess what? I'm offended you think anyone here stupid enough to listen to all that and NOT be offended!

Go re-read your post, insert your martial art in place of aikido and tell me how you would react.

As for the original poster who found 3 or 4 pics that showed bad form or posture or whatever... I have a question for you:

Ever had a bad day?
Ever mess up a technique and wish you could do it over again because you knew you were better than that?
Ever had a lower ranking person tell you how you are doing something wrong?

This whole thread is bogus. Interesting questions, and definitly something to think about. But, imho, the whole damn thing is speculation based on incomplete information... and I'm being nice in saying so.

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