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Re: Rank-Aikido (pun intended)

That Rank Aikido exists and has the potential to function at the top - even with Osensei himself? Or just that these are examples of Rank Aikido?

If it is the former, I would suggest that we don't need any pictures to be able to testify about such things. If one has practiced long enough, even short enough, one has seen examples of this and/or one should be capable of putting two and two together concerning choreographed training environments and how they are impacted by institutional practices like the issuing of rank and/or the establishing of hierarchy.

If it is the latter, I didn't really want to focus too much on that. I tried to set things up so that one could just look at the pictures as if they were just pictures of any person with rank violating good body mechanics. That said, one thing about Moriteru's Aikido is that it is extremely capable of providing rep after rep without much variation. Thus, these pics are not just samples of a one or two reps done at a specific time and/or in a specific place. These pics are examples of tactical architectures done over and over again, time after time, place after place. If one knows his practice, been exposed to it, and/or felt it, one can tell that these pics are pics of the middle of his Ikkyo Ura (or this part as it is practiced in other pin ura architectures), Sankyo Omote, and Sankyo Ura. Nevertheless, I think the only way that one would not be able to draw such suppositions reasonably (concerning how these pics might be related to the practice of Rank Aikido) is if one could find at least one example in Ikkyo Ura, Sankyo Omote and Ura where it is advantageous and/or in line with keeping and/or producing a mechanical advantage by having a disjointed relationship between one's center, the center of the technique, and the center of contact. I personally know of no such example. Hence, why, for me, these pics are indicative of Rank Aikido.

I think any instructor/practitioner knows that one of the difficulties of Ikkyo Ura (or any related technique) is the tendency in the beginner to move away from the center of the technique (thus disjointing their own center from the center of contact and the center of the technique) as they proceed with the tenkan maneuver. It is very common in my experience to reveal this flaw in kohai by having Senpai Uke simply not move - since Kohai Nage are too out of place to move them and/or to allow them to move in the prescribed direction in any kind of tactical manner. However, whenever the rank roles are reverse, you very often see such disjointedness being practiced as if it was never problematic in the first place. That is to say, whenever Nage is Senpai, you see Uke no longer staying in place (demonstrating the disjointed alignment of such an application). Rather, you see Kohai Uke hurrying to get their ass around - providing the proper body alignment themselves at the middle or at the bottom of the technique.

It is this variance in what constitutes "mechanical advantage," as it is related to hierarchy and/or the issuing of rank, that I am here interested in discussing.

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