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Re: The use of weapons

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Well its all shomenuchi / yokomenuchi, my Japanese is non existent - does "uchi" means "cut"?
Well as I understand, that word is nonspecific enough to include cuts and strikes, whereas 切 kiru (as in "happogiri") is only for cuts. BTW that's another good piece of Iwama bokken-as-bladed-weapon evidence-- the happogiri exercise being called that rather than "happo-uchi" or something.

Anyway I wasn't talking about the attacks in aikido. In my experience, there were many times that we were instructed to "cut here" or "cut the arm down," etc. These are moments in throws, typically when you are using tegatana. The idea at these times was always that we must not think that we are pushing down or yanking the arm, etc, but rather, cutting through, while uke is attached.

David Soroko wrote: View Post
Tsurugi! Have a look at this video of Maeda Hiramasa (formerly ?) of Omoto kyo practising with his tsurigi:
Wow thanks, I hadn't heard of waraku before! What is the history of this? Fairly modern I guess since that guy is the founder?
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