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Re: The use of weapons

So if I understand right:
The founder of aikido, working through a faithful collaborator, left us with a pretty extensive bokken practice, which was clearly meant to represent work with bladed weapons. Furthermore, in taijutsu, the "cutting" terminology has been emphasized in that very same lineage, as opposed to pushing, pulling, or smacking. Also, the founder talked about swords all the time (especially the tsurugi, which is certainly a bladed weapon).

It sounds to me like in aikido, we are supposed to learn and practice a slicing action, to cut "through" rather than "at;" this way of using the intent and the body is supposed to be involved in taijutsu as well as weapon work. I realize the bokken can be used as a club but I am wary of focusing on that if it is not the real purpose of the practice.

I claim to practice aikido so I do in fact care what the founder of aikido meant for us to practice, that's why I think about this kind of thing.
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