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Re: George Ledyard on the Future of Aikido

George S. Ledyard wrote: View Post
Mark my words, I could easily see the Aikikai Hombu dojo thinking it should send a new generation of Japanese teachers over to preside over the folks you mentioned, despite their ranks and Shihan status. If I had money to spare I'd bet on it...

But you haven't explained your basis for saying this. It seems to be more like a hunch on your part than a clearly telegraphed intention on the part of Hombu Dojo. And you haven't explained why it would be in Hombu's interest. It would stir up a hornets nest and could cause quite a few groups to break away--in other words, it would be self-defeating. Instead of reasserting control, it would provoke the loss of control. Kind of like the British trying to impose their will in the 1770s on the colonies. (The recent reassertion by Hombu of control over the Iwama dojo seems to be a special case that may not apply to an entire country like the US). Kanai and Toyoda passed away without a Japanese replacement being sent over. If you have more specific reasons to be suspicious of Hombu's intentions, perhaps with regard to the ASU itself, please explain.
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