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Re: Trip to Hombu!!

Selin Talay wrote: View Post
(Hmmm, maybe tuck all the pieces back into the box and shake really hard? Probability tells me that if it hasn't worked yet it's got a better chance of working in the future!! )
I've been shakin'... oh yeah... just waiting for the pieces to fall..

Selin Talay wrote: View Post
Visiting sounds brilliant! Our details are on . Hey, shout out if you need a hand with accommodation or the like.
Migh't take you up on that one, though we do have familiy around Brisbane, it's never a bad idea having other connections in a strange country...

Selin Talay wrote: View Post
Would you believe me if I said visitors get to wear the Mighty Paisley Hakama of Welcome?
uhmm... sure... I'll bring the traditional 'Bob the builder' hakama as a gift.... complete with tool belt

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