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Basia Halliop
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Re: Rape Survivor and Aikido

I wonder if there are ways you can break your problem into easier baby-steps? Like starting with a couple of techniques that are only somewhat uncomfortable, considering if there are individuals you feel less uncomfortable touching or having in your personal space (e.g., due to gender, age, body type, personality, knowing them longer, or for whatever reason), considering if it's easier to do a difficult technique mixed in with easier ones rather than many repetitions, or whatever other thing might make it just a bit challenging rather than overwhelming? And see if you can get yourself to feel really OK and relaxed with your mini-goal?

I've never dealt with this problem but breaking a big goal or skill (including a fear you want to try to get more relaxed with) into tiny more achievable steps and trying to be successful at each step is a general strategy I've used or seen others use for all kinds of situations.

Just amateur brainstorming - obviously take what's useful to you and ignore anything that isn't!
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