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Re: Rape Survivor and Aikido

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I might agree with that, except we did Koshi Nage techniques a few classes ago, and I completely froze and was unable to do them at all.
Ouch. Of course koshi nage's going to be hard. Not surprising at all if you froze. You are trying to do something really hard here. Buckets of sympathy and a dozen attagirls for getting out there and trying.

Would it be helpful to meet one-on-one with another student, or the sensei, you trust outside of class time? You'd probably have to explain why it's so hard for you and work through it piece by piece. Failing that, therapy to deal with the touch issues independent of Aikido might be best.

But I'm not a therapist and I don't play one on TV, so look to those who are for better guidance.

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