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C. David Henderson
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Re: Physical Theory of Aiki?


As I've said elsewhere -- elegant. And it certainly makes sense to me, combined with what you've written in the past about things like whips and torsion tubes, about some important aspects of Aikido interactions.

Minor question: I wonder whether "ki," in the sense you use it, is about "power," or the potential of an input to create a result based on its harmonics. An "oscillatory force amplifier/negator,"

Does that make any sense?

Also, as it may help put meat on the bones (pun intended) over time, I went to the below cite from a link on It addresses movement and the role of facia; look at its forums, too, which discuss movement issues in diverse contexts, like rollerblading and tai chi.

I don't see this information as contrary to what Erick is suggesting (nor dependent on it).

But maybe its helpful in understanding the kinds of harmonics that may be set up in the human body, as part of Aikido's "concrete logic."


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