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phil farmer
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Re: Yoseikan

Hi Darin,

Sorry to say but the future is not bright for older Yoseikan aikido instructors because there is no technical support. The seifukai will not provide it, which is one of the things that made the U.S. bond to YWF stronger, Patrick Auge will not accept anyone outside his own organization to train with them, not even in their clinics. There is a fellow in Italy but it is highly doubtful that he will provide support. The only other teacher I am even remotely aware of is Edgar Kruygar in the Netherlands and he is affiliated with YWF and sends his students to the world stage every year in France.

The bright side of it is, everything that was and is Yoseikan is contained in the YWF curriculum. Nothing has been lost, some things have changed, and in most cases, the higher ranked teachers of Yoseikan are better at aiki and jiujitsu than the instructors at Hombu dojo are. This last is from students and teachers who have seen both groups in action and based on the times the two groups have interacted.
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