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Edwin Neal
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Re: Regarding James Smith

David Bedard wrote:
On the mat "James" was very quiet only asking questions from time to time. Once we were aware of the situation we were able to identify who James Smith really was. We have talked with "James" and explained to him that his behavior was not appropriate and disrespectful to many people. "James" was a member of our dojo but not a member of Jiyushinkai. We asked "James" to write an apology and tell everyone who he really is but he has chosen not to. Due to his refusal to take responsibility for what he has done we have asked "James" to leave our dojo at this time. I would like to make it clear that "James" does not represent our dojo or Jiyushinkai in anyway.

so forgive me if i am 'stoopid', but apparently James was browbeaten to provide a statement apologizing for some alledged "disrespectful of many people", and when he did not comply he was banned from his dojo... here is a list of all of James' 85 posts to aikiweb, and although he was admonished once by Jun, he was not banned (Jun please correct me if i am incorrect)... i find very little that would even remotely justify this extreme reaction... i would respectfully request that the principles involved in this situation re examine their actions... to err is human to forgive divine... for my part this reflects more poorly upon the others involved than it does on James, but i am on the outside, and my opinion is just that mine, and is in no way disrespectful of anyone else... let he who is without sin cast the first stone...

Edwin Neal

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