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Re: Yoseikan

Here in Quebec, there is an organization that follows Yoseikan World Federation ( the composite martial system taught by Hiroo MOCHIZUKI in France) and another organization that teaches what Minoru Mochizuki called Yoseikan Budo or Yoseikan Aikido.

YWF included Yoseikan Aikido to their curriculum. The other organization Canadian Association of Aikido Mochizuki only teach Aikido and Katori Shinto-Ryu (kobudo).

I am shodan in the YWF and I will never claim that I am shodan in aikido because aiki techniques are mixed with some judo, some karate and some jiu-jitsu. The first YWF sensei in North America mostly came from other organization (karate, jiu-jitsu, judo and Yoseikan Aikido). So because of that, depending of your sensei background you will be better in judo or karate or aiki. So someone with a shodan in Yoseikan Budo is not a shodan in aikido, in judo, in jiu-jitsu and kobudo, he is a shodan in Yoseikan Budo the composite system.

I practice since September 2004 in CAAM and I have a background in aikido (aikikai) and of course I am shodan in YWF and I will say that the biggest difference with the other style of aikido is the study of the sutemi waza and the Katori Shinto-Ryu for the bokken part of the classes. The other technique are the same and I think that the difference is the way the techniques are done. Hiroo Mochizuki often called is father aikido a soft jiu-jitsu...

By the way, the name of the technique are different. I add some names to the aikiwiki Cross-style reference on techniques names...

In the Second Aikido Friendship demonstration DVD (Aikido Journal), there is a demonstration by Minoru Mochizuki student that show exactly what CAAM teach in their classes.

To answer the question. In my opinion, the aikido teach by CAAM is really aikido but in YWF, aikido is mixed with other arts so your are practicing Yoseikan Budo not aiki, judo, jiu-jitsu etc...

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