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Re: AIKIDO - The way that doesn't work! - The Series

Yeah, yeah, it's true that many techniques will work once the opponent is unbalanced. Yet some techniques have far worse chance of unbalancing said opponent than others. It is a delusional yet typical Aikido viewpoint that all techniques have the same chance of successful execution.

In fact, the only parts of traditional Aikido that actually work in reality, are the beginnings of techniques, not the techniques themselves. Deflections, redirects, defensive footwork and positioning with counter strikes and closing of openings.

Chances of you doing shiho nage to a haymaker or ikkyo to a collar grab in real life are extremely low. Extremely.

This is probably why Tenshin Aikido makes a big deal out of drilling deflections. They do work. They're the cornerstone of Aikido's effectiveness as a defensive system. From them it may be possible to transition to some techniques, SOMETIMES, and not at all in the manner that traditional Aikidoists are accustomed to.
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