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Re: Fascia and the story about Fuzz

Jonathan Wong wrote: View Post
Well, if it happened everywhere he wouldn't be noting it. It is the fact that it is present in certain locations predictably (and absent in certain locations predictably) that is interesting. He also claimed that its ectopic presence is correlated with pathological states. That's kind of interesting.

At any rate I have no experience with human cadavers, and I don't want to over-defend this guy. I just think it's worth piggy-backing on his experience, considering his chance to dissect humans with an eye toward connective tissue development.
I haven't dissected humans. Deer, yes (yummy). Guess what. They have this connective tissue, also.
My question is who let the OP loose in a human anatomy lab.

Peaches have fuzz. Wuzzy (Fuzzy) the bear has fuzz. Police departments have Fuzz. Adolescent males who aren't shaving yet have fuzz. This stuff is connective tissue - likely collagen - a protein...


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