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Re: Fascia and the story about Fuzz

Well, I want to add that internal practice clearly is not only about recruiting tissue. There are definitely some more components ... ;-)
But as an answer to Ron's specific question about what is to be created or build up in the body by internal practice, I think it to be important, that this way of practice is indeed aiming to really change the body in a certain way.

I do point this out because when I only read Dan's (here Dan Harden) posts but did not have practical experience of this way of practice, it was difficult for me to understand that there indeed is a difference between learning to use the body in a certain way - which had been an important part of my aikidō practice - and to actually rebuild/change the body in a certain way.
I myself thought "I know this. I'm doing this. This is common knowledge in my aikidō context ... So why is he allways arguing about this stuff to be new or different?!?" It was only when I experienced this stuff for the first time that I understood that it was different from the body work I had known before. (And that there are very good reasons for those IHTBF criterion. But I don't want to reopen this bottle. Just saying that I've got a better understanding of what was going on here.)

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