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Re: Can we see that aikido is all over the place in MMA?

Cliff Judge wrote: View Post
I would so prefer that to the general bent of this forum for the last year.

The problems really start when person A is doing this thing and person B claims they are not only doing the same thing, but that it is really much better and more exclusive than what person A is doing. But they cannot clearly define what B is, because that is proprietary and really it is person A's fault for not going to the seminars where they can find out what B is. And why would person A question the lineage from whence person B is learning what they are doing? Really person B is just trying to help fix the broken deficiencies in what person A is doing. Person A should be thankful. And in the meantime, person B would totally kick person A's ass in a fight because what person B is doing is so much more effective. Though person A does have one point, that maybe what they are doing is more "spiritual," if you are into all that.
Person B has posted some very definitive explanations on Aikiweb, more than once, with no excuses about being "propietary" - person B has gone to some lengths, on Aikiweb, to state specifically that what they are doing is not proprietary, but is and has been done by many people and in many traditions.

But, like any other physical/mental practice, there is a limit to how effective such descriptions are without some common context, that's all.

And person A hasn't shown anywhere at all that they are "more spiritual" - I'm not even sure how you would show that.



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