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Re: Even at Boot one can reach inside you and make you feel. Your feelings

Tom Verhoeven wrote: View Post
If you reread the thread then you will see that there was no mention of parenthood until you did.
As far as I know the OP talked about Aikido. So did I (although I was also thinking about the way people control and manipulate nature - a professional habbit, I am alweays thinking about nature).

I could have told you a similar story about my father.
But I do not understand why you would call that control or manipulation - it is a confrontation with reality, harsh maybe, but nevertheless a good lesson. The purpose of it is to teach. Not to tighten the reigns. So where is the control? Or the manipulation?
i mentioned parenthood in respond to folks mentioned that they don't "control or manipulation". to me, control and manipulation are required being a parent. the story between my grandfather and my father, that's control. my grandfather wanted my father to go to college, my father rebelled against that. in the end, my father did what my grandfather wanted. the story of my father and i, is manipulation. he used real life scenarios to change my view of things to come. and to the topic of thread " one can reach inside you and make you feel", your love ones can and would. some are more subtle than other. my father can still get inside my head even when he had long since gone from this world. i heard my father voice talking to my sons. they can and will reach inside you and make you feel. it's a price for being a human. glad to pay it.

as far as aikido goes, there are folks who can get inside your head before physical contact made. you bowed in, right? already inside your head and made you do things.

"budo is putting on cold, wet, sweat stained gi with a smile and a snarl" - your truly
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