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Ki (as in 'The Force')

Ki (as in "The Force")

It is relatively easy, so to speak, to explain how Aikido techniques work.
And it is also easy I suppose, to explain the philosophy that lies behind those techniques.
But even if someone would use his Ki power to walk through walls, people would still misunderstand what Ki is and how it works.
On top of it all, you have active Aikido practitioners who still don't get it, or when they do, they "confine" their Ki ability into their Dojo walls.
When you start controlling your Ki (which is the greatest start of all) you should improvise with it in your daily life and not keep it just for the "throw around people" routine.

A Martial Art that makes no prime use of Ki within its techniques looks like controlled violence.
A Martial Art (any Martial Art) that is based on Ki power looks like magic and I would like to explain why.
As I often say, Ki power is invisible to the eye but its effect is unbelievable to the eye!
People look at it and say "that just can't be happening" or at least say so until they join in…
Now imagine how it feels to the one applying it, or better don't, because it is beyond words and imagination. So, let's leave it at that.

There are detail explanations in "The Book In Between" about the use of Ki power, which are supported by a number of photos, and there is a Video demo two clicks to your left… but what's the use?
Still people, and I mean the majority of them, express their thoughts to me about their experience they once had by reading a book or books, lessons they took with a "guru", organizations of "enlightenment" they joined, "mind control" seminars they had, and much more of this than I care to remember!
And all this from the comfort of a chair or (believe it) while lying down on the floor.
Looks like I missed something a few decades ago, when I took it up to learn the Arts, and since then torture myself and my students with practice!
Now I know, I have finally seen the light, I should have stayed… lying down!

People who are interested in Ki power matters and everything that goes with it (and it's a lot!) are often more confused and lost than the ones that aren't interested in anything all together.
So, what do we do now?

If experience, ability and solid proof can't make it, what else can?
Maybe a fairytale can! So here you have it.

A long time ago in a galaxy far,
far away…

I don't know if we should thank George Lucas for his Star Wars or just go ahead and… sue him.
His concept of the Jedi Knights order, the peace warriors code, the training and use of the Force, is soooooooo much Aikido like!
The master-apprentice relation, the ability of insight, the light saber… ok that's enough let's sue this guy…
Maybe this fantasy is closer to any reality, at least any reality that can be explained and stop being misunderstood.

In this fantastic dialogue (that stands in the way just about every other day) after having explained for about two hours what Aikido is, comes the bomb question:
-So, you are into Zen and Karate (at this point making gestures and funny noises) and you eat only Sushi?
-No… (desperate) we are training ourselves into something that resembles more to the Jedi Knights.
-Oh! Do you "have" Dark Sith Lords too? (wicked smile)
-If you push it… you never know!

So, by fairytale or not, what is Ki after all, and how can we approach it?

…you must unlearn what you have learned…
Life creates it, makes it grow
Its energy surrounds us and binds us
You must feel the Force around you
Here, between you, me, the tree, the rock, everywhere
(from the motion picture The Empire Strikes Back)

(This text first appeared on, January 18, 2006)
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