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Triangle Re: Need Suggestions For Learning...

Originally posted by taro
1. What FACTORS should I consider when choosing a teaching/learning style?

If you did Aikido before, you should stick to a similar style. When one takes up any MA we learn new "unnatural" responses to situations. If you have already invested some time in a system, it will be wise to maintain the mind/body conditioning you have already started, instead of changing suddenly or even restarting. This is one of the reasons why students are told to at least obtain 1st Dan grade before switching to a new form of MA. This allows one type of conditioning to set in without confusing your inner systems with something different.

2. Any questions I should ask a prospective sensei/instructor?

You should be able to trace a path from his/her teacher right back to O-sensei Ueshiba. If you can't, they should not be calling what they teach Aikido. Also, get an idea of how long the person has been teaching Aikido.

3. What should I look for when visiting a dojo?

Pay attention to detail. Observe very carefully how the instructor controls the class and how adept he is at facilitating the progress of his students. Good instructors tend to have a natural flow regarding the procession of a class.

4. What should I ask MYSELF when considering training methods(not sure how well I know myself as far as my learning style)?

I agree with cbrf4zr2's post above. You must know yourself at least to that extent or you may find yourself losing interest over time. If effective self defence is a major thing for you, I think Yoshinkan would be the better bet.

5. Any considerations I've missed?

Above all else, take your time. When I have new students I let them come watch as much as they want, and even train a couple classes to see if they like it.

I hope this helps.

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