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Re: The Way of Aiki

Joe Curran wrote: View Post
Dear Alex,
If you are not aware of any mainstream aikido group cultivating aiki why do you remain within your own group? It seems to me from your comments you are now a member /admirer of the gent who is no longer posting on this forum . I wouuld have thought that if indeed you are , why not embrace his theories entirely?Are you integrating them into your own practice ?If so does this make you a heretic [only word I can think , no offense meant ] with Mr K et al???Cheers, Joe.
Good questions, Joe, but they have simple answers (at least for me).

My teacher definitely has this stuff, but does not teach it directly. I went through a phase of intense frustration where I was feeling things from people like Kanetsuka, Ikeda and Yamashima that really impressed me, but I realised that, however much information these people gave you, none of them taught you even how to start to get a body that felt like theirs, nor precisely how to do what they were showing.

You know me well enough by now to know that I am not someone who follows anyone with my eyes closed. You will also appreciate that I have been around the block enough times now that I don't see most things in terms of "either/or". The "gent who is no longer posting on this forum" (anyone reading this particular subforum will not need to be spoonfed his name!) is teaching a set of simple but profound exercise drills that I realised very quickly were what I was looking for, and that I believe build the skills I described in my post above.

If I read you correctly, I think you are being overly provocative. I have no need to change my allegiance at this point as I love aikido. As far as I understand them, TGWINLPOTF's teachings don't contradict anything that my aikido teacher is teaching, and since no "mainstream aikido group" is teaching explicitly how to do this stuff I see no reason to change for the time being,


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