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Marc Abrams
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Re: Golden Center Aikido for your pleasure

Diversity is a nice thing. It is nice to be nice...... Legitimate analysis of strengths and weaknesses of "diversity" should not be confused with the idea of "bullying." Our sense of political correctness leads us to not be intellectually and emotionally honest with ourselves and others. We should and we should encourage others to engage in honest analysis of strengths and weaknesses. It is utter nonsense to try and hide behind excuses like "you don't understand" without then going out and showing people that they really do not understand (eg- poster with the videos). To Dan's credit, he gets out there and can demonstrate and teach what he talks about. If you are not willing to walk your talk, then you deserve the legitimate criticisms that you will receive.

Budo is about protecting what we love. If what we do genuinely cannot accomplish that goal then we need to face up to that and not hide behind ideas of "the niceness of diversity", "you don't understand", etc. Many more years of training in something does not serve as an excuse either. Toby Threadgill's teacher put it best when he said practicing something wrong one million times does not make something right or better.

The poster who is training in a Ki Society dojo is correct about some major differences between the Ki Society dojos in Japan and other places. It goes directly to the fact that Tohei Sensei was able to walk his talk. He got to the top of that food chain by being able to make what he did work against some serious challengers. What some people pass off as using Ki in their Aikido is embarrassing and should be called to task.

Just my 2 cents.

Marc Abrams
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