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Keith Larman
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Re: Why do you practice?

Honestly I think a lot of people muse and ponder it too much. Or as my dad used to say, "whatever floats your boat". It floats my boat. And that's good enough. Do I need deeper reasons? Frankly I think most reasons folk come up with are at best ad hoc justifications, attempts to give weight and confirmation to what they're doing rather than somehow feeling they're otherwise just wasting their time.

FWIW my wife trains and shows dogs. Why? Um, well, she's good at it, she enjoys it, she likes spending time with the animals, it gets her out of the house, it's good destressing, and, and, and, well, I could go on for hours. But in the end it's because she enjoys it. For all those reasons. And others. Do you really need more reasons?

Our time is limited. And I want to do things I find enjoyable, challenging and fun during my short time here.

If the question is "why this instead of something else" I think the only real answer is that "this" (whatever that may be) is something that I enjoy more than "that". And I reserve the right to move on to "that other thing over there" if that turns out more interesting than this. Or that. Or... You get the drift...

It seems to me one needs to consider these things if one feels they're in a rut. But if you're havin' fun, feelin' groovy, and more satisfied each day than you'd be if you weren't doing whatever, well, keep it up...

Or maybe I've just lived in California too long and I'm turning in to "that" guy....

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