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When you employ right lifestyle choices and worldview, when you can continually practice reconciling fear, pride, and ignorance, and when you are skilled at martial strategy, and you are skilled at and armed with knife and handgun, etc., the duelist will be as rare as he will be mismatched. For he will either control you too little because he will not seek to occupy your space, allowing you to draw and wield your own weapons, etc., or he will seek to press upon you as fully and quickly as he can so as not to allow you to bring your weapons to bear - which opens the door up for Aikido pins, throws, and strikes, etc. This is what it means when we say, "Aikido is a weapon art."
correct, but i will just add one thing to that passage. Don't forget the sword, the aikido is founded on the sword, as indeed is it's parent art budo. The way of the way. The way of the warrior. It's not just about the cut, but the honour as well.
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