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I find it fascinating that the traits and abilities being described such as
-Being calm, centered, calculating and focused in conflict, exhibiting a lack of "morality", emotional attachment, fear, guilt, remorse, concern for future consequences of your actions or whether you survive at all as long as you take your enemies with you.

-Living your life as if wishing to die violently in combat at a relatively young age (gyuk sai) for the honour of your family/clan V.S. wasting away from a disease as a senior citizen.

as being part of a "psychopath's" psychological make up are almost identical to the descriptions of the ideal sought by the feudal samurai through asceticism, meditation and martial arts practice.

Interesting how some modern westerners label a person who is naturally this way as a deviant while not so long ago the elite of Japan dedicated their lives to emulating such a person.


Has anyone else noticed a striking similarity between the gestures and hand signals used by modern day street gangs and the mudra practiced as part of koryu? I find it bizarre that uneducated gang members would adopt such an affectation in a similarly high stress environment without any historical or spiritual knowledge of its origins.

Another parallel would be ancient Japanese sword worship and "gun culture" as reflected in modern urban music.
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