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Walter Martindale
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Re: High(er) Intensity Weapons

Cliff Judge wrote: View Post
Right, but imagine you were preparing for a lethal duel with live blades...
Frankly, if I was preparing for a lethal duel with live blades, I'd be running or driving in the opposite direction, or hoping the heck I could get the 9mm out of the safe, load it, and bring it to bear while the live blades were still more than 10 metres away from me. If I was in a place where I expected the possibility of being attacked by someone with a live blade, I'd hope to prepare by carrying an AK, a C-8 (the Canuck combat rifle), or something equivalent...

If the situation of someone attacking me with a live blade (a sword? really? in today's society? what is this, Rwanda in the 1990s?) with the intent to start me on the dust-to-dust process, I'd probably get chopped to bits. He (or she) wouldn't have to run too fast to catch me, because I'm getting slow in my old age. If the person did catch up with me, of course, I'd fight like hell, enter if possible, and try to do what I could to disarm, disable, dispatch the attacker, but how often do two people face off in a sword duel to the death in 2011... really? Is this a common occurrence where you live?
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