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Re: Aiki, Iki, Kokyu, Heng-Ha and Aun

Mark Murray wrote: View Post
Hi Chris,

Many people have put an emphasis on a 60 degree kamae. . We know that isn't right. So, we have to examine what Ueshiba is writing in a new light. And you have that expertly covered in your blogs. I'm thoroughly enjoying them ( now if we could only get Peter to write some more).

But Ueshiba's writings seem more of a what to do with what you have than a how to train manual. Training, yes, there are breath/breathing exercises. But, in your opinion, do you really get the feeling Ueshiba is trying to write a training manual for what he's doing? Or is it more like a journal on how to put the pieces together to be like him?

In that manner, Ueshiba's writing of breath isn't tied completely to breathing. It's something else. IMO, but I could be wrong.
No he definitely doesn't speak like a training manual. On the other hand, he's very repetitive on certain themes - throwing out constant references to the same basic training concepts. Saying, in a way, that these are the things that got me here.

Yes, I think that you're right and the ties extend much further - the challenge for me, at least, is to get to the Universe without wandering off into Outer Space. That is, to avoid having a profound idea that is mostly a figment of my imagination, with no idea how to actually get there.

In a vast over-generalization, western approaches tend to value the idea, and then work back to the practice, while eastern approaches tend to value the practice, and then work back to the idea.

For Ueshiba, IMO, the deeper practices grew out of his technical training methodology (he says this, at one point) - even though they weren't limited to them (and not just Ueshiba - you see this in many arts). The deeper, intent based training, is a major link between the two, if you ask me.

Just what I'm thinking these days...



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