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Nick Simpson
Dojo: White Rose Aikido - Durham University
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United Kingdom
What college/university?

Sunderland University UK.

How many students total?

between 30 and 40.

How many students in an average class?


How many Japanese students?


Who teaches?

Sensei Peter Seth 2nd Dan

Sensei Jayson Teneur 1st Dan.

What kinds of facilities do you use?

University Sportshall

Local Leisure Centre Badminton Court.

What do you do to recruit?

Freshers Fair table with video, posters, photographs, flyers at the start of the year. We also have a website and put up posters during the year.

Do you mostly get beginners, or people with experience?

Mostly beginners.

How are your relations to the administration?

Average Id say, we get left alone because we dont have any competitions that they can show off.

Dues, if any?

5 for students, 10 or 15 for non students for a years worth of insurance, 1.50 for a 2 hour training session (half of which goes back to the univeristy administration and the other half we tend to keep for any advertising costs or just blow it all on a party at the end of the year)

Classes (# per week and duration)?

2 classes per week, both 2 hours long, fridays 7-9pm and saturdays 2:15pm-4:15pm.

Affiliation, if any?

White Rose Aikikai.

Weve got a good core of regular students now who have been training between 2 years and 5 years (grades ranging from 5th kyu to 2nd kyu, 4th kyu being the average), whom most of which will be sticking around for a long time, but we do tend to spend more time training beginners who then leave after a year or two if that.

I think university dojos are a good thing, although not many people stick around for the long run, we still reach a lot of people and I feel that we are making real progress at the minute with more new dedicated members and a couple of students who are ready to grade. Plus, I love the drinking sessions after training

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