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Re: How's your university club?

This thread doesnt seem to be going anywhere, but here I go. I added my answers in the quote.
Zach Biesanz (zachrocksteady) wrote:
I've been training at a university club for nearly four years now, and I'm curious about other university clubs because I haven't had the chance for much interaction with them. So here are some questions to get discussion started...

What college/university?

Université Laval

How many students total?

Not sure, we were 46 last Friday (regulars and beginners together) but many people were not there. Maybe 60 showing up at least time to time.

How many students in an average class?

Numbers have really gone up in the last two years. When I first moved here it was like 8-10, nopw it's more like 20-30+

How many Japanese students?

Only one.

Who teaches?

Pierre Gosselin, 6th dan

Jocelyne Caron, 5th dan

In both cases the university club is their only dojo.

What kinds of facilities do you use?

A "dojo" room in the university sports complex. Also used for judo and self defense classes.

What do you do to recruit?

We've occasionnaly put up posters and we do a demonstration for the new students, along with all the other martial arts taught at the university, every September.

Do you mostly get beginners, or people with experience?

Mostly beginners, but people with experience regularly show up as international students and are interesting to have around as they always have a slightly different approach.

How are your relations to the administration?

OK I guess. Not something I have to deal with personnally.

Dues, if any?

Dues are set by the university and are quite reasonable for students. But those like me from outside the university community pay quite a bit more.

Classes (# per week and duration)?

Beginners (1,5 hours Monday or Wednesday, 2 h Friday)

Regulars (2 hours on Monday, Wednesday and Friday) Some regulars help with the beginners and therfore do up to 9 hours a week.

Affiliation, if any?

Aikikai, USAF-East

Answer as many or as few of these as you like. I'll throw in my info a bit later. Also, please add any good questions that I may have missed.

Jonathan Olson
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