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Paula Lydon
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Hi everyone!
~~We learn and practice with many principles during training on the mat--in all MA, not just Aikido. I was wondering which of these principle(s) you might use 'out in the world'?
~~For me, off-line seems to be my movement of choice on and off the mat (except for those few occasions in life where marubashi is called for). Then ten-kan, where I try to see (especially if there seem to be issues) from the other person's eyes. I deal daily with so many people that if I clashed and klunked my way along I'd be exhausted after one shift! I find that seeing both sides allows me to act freely to choose the most positive path for both without being invested (too much) in 'my point'.
~~Oops, those are 2nd and 3rd. Staying relaxed in any situation is my primary focus, queen of principles. Then I can pursue 2 and 3.
~~Wishing all of my web family a wonderful New Year!

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