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Re: Can somebody who's never thrown a person, claim they can - and do - throw people?

Graham Jenkins wrote: View Post
That's not what the thread is about, at all; I stated the assumption that aikido is a suitable budo/martial art for modern life.
Dunno what to make of that. You actually started the thread with "Does it make sense - if you want to actually gain the ability to throw somebody - to start your martial arts training with aikido?"

To which the answer is, of course not. Aikido's not about throwing. You're only starting from there because of your assumptions about what Aikido is and what "reality" is -- which is why you went right from there to BJJ. When I mentioned rules I meant the rules that govern such competitions or sparring situations.

That said, I appreciate your frustration, but I think you're coming at it from the wrong direction. I think this:

Benjamin Green wrote: View Post
Especially with dealing with striking, the initial return on low-intensity sparring is not up to much. I'd almost go as far as to call it completely pointless considering just how much easier it is for people to learn to attack under those conditions than to defend. There are properties of timing, distancing, grounding and coordination that, if you don't know what you're looking for, it's not obvious you're missing at a low intensity. In my experience, it's a far better investment to spend an hour or so teaching people to throw some basic strikes, (which are useful just of themselves,) then to break for lunch and come back and start working some drills in and move onto randori towards the end of the day once you have some sort of a framework in place.
makes a whole lot of sense in terms of training against a range of attacks, and mixed attacks, in a way that typical Aikido practice doesn't access. The issue is how to transfer the basic body movement and principles from Aikido practice into situations where the attacks are more sophisticated.

It would be fun to see if we could grow Aikido up into something like that.
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