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Re: Can somebody who's never thrown a person, claim they can - and do - throw people?

Graham Jenkins wrote: View Post
The fact that Ueshiba propagated aikido through taking on 1-to-1 challenges.

If he was the aikidoka par excellence, then that is the gold standard of why is nobody (outside of the occasional Vietnamese dan grade) willing to do this?
What are they scared of?

Koichi Tohei once took on a load of judo dan grades at a public event...he took on a challenger at hombu (a south American wrestler)...
we know of a handful of his challenges, many of which ended without him being attacked.

that's not what Ueshiba was teaching.

The art isn't about techniques.

some are scared

some don't care

some don't care about that

It's an art for everyone

Tohei got it, it's not about techniques.

I think there are more people who have played around and tested themselves against other arts than you know.

over time as the internal training takes over you'll find more of that in the public, but probably never to a degree that will satisfy you, could be wrong there. It certainly makes a lot more sense when you start figuring out what Ueshiba was doing and trying to pass on.
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