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Re: Can somebody who's never thrown a person, claim they can - and do - throw people?

Graham Jenkins wrote: View Post
I know that you can use your kata training in some 'street' situations, and that - along with the mental health benefits - is a valuable part of a modern martial art.
But what i'm getting at, is that - ultimately - a martial art is - by definition - something that has merit when up against others with siimilar, or the same, training; and I think that 99% of aikidoka would be found wanting when up against someone with training in a style such as judo, boxing, or BJJ.
Sigh. We've been here before.

OP: Aikido doesn't work in a real situation.

Reply: Yes it does, here's an example or two.

OP: No, I didn't mean that kind of real situation. I mean where you and a student of a different art spar under a bunch of rules that aren't yours. That kind of real situation.

Yeah, if you want to play the other guy's game, go learn to play the other guy's game. Big surprise.
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