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Re: Can somebody who's never thrown a person, claim they can - and do - throw people?

No, you can't say you can throw someone unless you test yourself, and strive for honesty with that testing.

But what does that mean, do we need to change the way aikido classes go? You could do it outside of class. There's a lot you have to do outside of class-- tanren for instance. I consider tanren and testing to be the majority of my training, and they happen outside of class.

Folks at the Kobukan did sumo (sounds like informal, outside of class stuff). I think what you describe is right-on, but it can to some degree be done informally with BJJ friends, instead of actual enrollment in another art.

I'm happy with classes not including this, as long as I can do it on my own. What we do in class takes a lot of attention and study, and should make your randori better. So I'm inclined to say there is a time and place for everything-- emphasizing this kind of randori in classes is certainly one way to go. Or, maybe having a few open-mat sessions a week just for this would be best.
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