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Michael Hackett
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Re: Warning Regarding E-mail Scam

Usually they get the most vulnerable, senior citizens. This is nothing more than the old "pidgeon drop" routine that has been going on for generations. Identity theft is a nightmare and the feds don't work them very hard at all. They leave most cases up to the local agencies. Even if you aren't victimized, think of what it costs if you simply lose your wallet or purse. My wife had her purse stolen out of the nursing station twice over the years. Our only loss was the relatively small amount of cash, but each event ended up costing around $ 2000.00 to replace licenses, eyeglasses, phones, PDAs, keys, changing locks, and a ton of other things. Our biggest highlight was losing the check registry that she used to pay bills with. Since she didn't have the register, we cancelled all outstanding checks and that created check charges and late charges worth several hundred bucks. Kneecapping would have been too good.

Aren't you glad that we do Aikido and are so evolved, John?

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