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Re: Review of Aunkai but has some similarities to Aikido Principles

Mark Murray wrote: View Post
What was it that the Budo book said. Something about Bring Ki to your Fingers? These methods (ex. Aunkai) actually train specifically to do that.
That is funny you mention that.
I came across something that resulted in;
rj wrote: View Post
Ahhh gotcha!...I think I know exactly what you're talking about.

"#$"" Wang was pulling circulation to his hands with just that?

I hate fat dudes, its so not fair.

<looks at the long road ahead>
well; the thread was good and there were some good nuts&bits. check it. aah..memories of a kinder gentler era.

One of Tohei's points was to Keep Weight Underside.
one lesson; perhaps too remedial to mention; is to avoid the 'slumping' or 'pinching off' of a return flow in the body. ... to not do this required keeping the underside muscles engaged but not flexing. hard to describe. 'open' or 'engaged'. body wide.
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