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Re: Renshinkai/yoshinkan

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...There were some aikidokas from aikikai as well, they seem to be very friendly to the local yoshinkan people and organisers. They were in praise of both the masters aikido. It is wonderful to see this happening in the yoshinkan brand because it is usually the yoshinkan guys that go to aikikai serminars...
Hi Loh,

We are indeed very friendly and we strive to practise brandless aikido without the politics. Joe Thambu shihan nicknamed us the "Aiki Tourists".

The organisers did a good job in the sense that the training sessions were in the form of a clinic rather than a seminar. The participants were allowed to ask questions and have one-to-one interactions at will with Inoue hanshi and Chida shihan. They were on hand to explain the underlying principles of the techniques. Opposed to most seminars where participants are only required to observe and mimic the movements of seminar leader. Cut the story short, we went away with much knowledge and improvements.

Happy training

David Y

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