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Matt Banks
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Yooo-shhhinn-kkkaaaaan!!! ha ha

Joke coming,

Three aikidoka walk into a toilet. All 3 pull down there gi bottoms and begin relieving themselves at the urinals.

One of the 3 was a ki society aikidoka

one was an aikikai member

and the third was a Yoshinkan aikidoka

After they had finished they pulled up their pants and proceeded to the sinks.

The ki society guy washed his hands in the sink and began drying his hands with some paper towelets. He used 8 towelets to dry his hands, and he said

''in the ki society we are very thorough''

then the aikikai member went up to the sink, washed his hands and dryed his hands but he only used 2 paper towelets, and he said

'' in the aikikai we are very thorough, and very economical''

but then the yoshinkan aikidoka after finishing his buisness at the urinal, pulled up his gi bottoms and began to walk out of the toilet.

The ki society guy and the aikikai member while putting on their hakama said in unison

''what are you doing you havent washed your hands''

and the yoshinkan guy exclaimed

''in the yoshinkan we dont piss on our hands''

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

you can change that around were appropriate.
PLease dont get enoyed, just having some fun.

I love all styles, its aalllllll aikido..........ahhhhhh loooovvvveeee!!!!!


Matt Banks

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