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Re: Modest Goals

I think your post has a lot of wisdom in it. I started Aikido almost ten years go. Six years ago, I moved to Japan to learn Daito Ryu. For most of that time, I trained almost every day in one way or an other.

It was great for me at that time. The training helped me in so many ways, I don't regret a moment, but when my daughter was born, there was a major shift in my worldview. I still love training and continue to train along with my wife, but it is now A part of my life, not THE part of my life.

I'm at a stage now where I believe that training in Aikido (or any Budo) should enrich one's life and make a positive contribution to the people around you. If your training has a constantly detrimental effect on those closest to you, maybe you should ask yourself:
Is your training worth it?
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