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I've left the forum for almost year... then I came back again... Now, I think I'm gonna be leaving again.

Not because of who said what in the forums. I've had a few skirmishes with you guys now and then. Back then I was still easily swayed, I get emotional too easily. Now, I understand that it doesn't matter.

I don't really know who you guys are (well, except for a couple of Indonesians here), and it's not my place to judge. If I read something that is offensive, I simply not reply to it.

There are offensive posts, and there are challenging posts. The offensive ones basically has no desire of seeking the truth. These type of posts are there to discredit you, mock you, or just make fun of you. Ignore them, they have no weight. Replying to them is like defending yourself in a kangaroo court.

The challenging ones are the type of posts that may be opposite in views but respect each other's opinions. These type of posts are written by people that want to learn from each other no matter how different their views are. There might not be any visible solution in the end, but each side is a bit richer in knowledge.
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